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  • At Astro Spy we develop the world’s most advanced, affordable, and easy-to-use fleet management and personal vehicle tracking products. GPS Fleet Tracking Systems save your business time, money, and help you manage your important assets. Fleet Tracking lets you effectively monitor and manage your entire fleet from a single computer. This helps businesses increase efficiency… [Continue Reading]

  • Discover the core features of the Astro Spy fleet tracking system. Learn more about Astro Spy GPS mapping, reports, alerts, enterprise management, and other capabilities for fleet-based companies. Once you see the basics, call or contact us for a personal assessment of your business, and discover how we can help you improve productivity, reduce costs,… [Continue Reading]

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  • The Astro Spy “BK-100” Device The BK-100 packs a punch in a small footprint. BK100 successfully incorporates functions that previously have not been combined in a single microprocessor. With the GPS base-band and microprocessor sections combined, this design saves space and components while requiring less interconnect for greater reliability. The cost savings realized with this… [Continue Reading]